Krause Analytical is a small, minority woman-owned business specializing in analytical chemistry. From routine laboratory analysis to contract research to product development, we cover the gamut of analytical chemistry! We work with a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, bioanalytical and food suppliers providing analytical support services, consulting, contract research, process optimization, regulatory compliance and expert testimony. We can help you with your most difficult analytical task, and we are always willing to custom design a specific solution to your problem.

What We Do
Chemistry for a Changing Environment.

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We provide you with a solution to your problem. Our staff has decades of experience in analytical chemistry. Our experience, our innovation and our knowledge, skills and fully equipped laboratory allow us to help you through your most difficult analytical, design, research or process optimization problem.

What We Don't Do

We don't just give you a number and assume that it meets your needs. It doesn't. We know that. More importantly, so do you. We are not a turn-the-crank numbers mill with a “one-report fits all” attitude. Each sample report will provide you with the most information possible within your analytical budget, a report format that meets your criteria and information you can use. Plus, our staff is always available and willing to help you interpret your data.

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