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Bioanalytical, Pharmaceutical and Contract Research

Krause Analytical provides support analytical services for the pharmaceutical and bioanalytical industry. We can provide you with a wide range of services, from as simple as contract batch release and Stage 1 testing to methods development and validation, degradation pathway determination, enzymatic degradation kinetics and contract research services. We are well versed  in working with small quantities of starting materials and APIs, and pushing detection limits into the high part-per-trillion levels. 

We can offer both compendial as well as GLP-compliant testing services. We are happy to work with your analytical method if you have one or develop one specifically to meet your needs. We have years of experience in dealing with the FDA and are always willing to work directly with the regulators if necessary.

Working on an IND application? Let us help you get past the rough spots. From literature surveys to methods for both the API and the impurities and degradants present, we can make your IND application process much simpler.

We have a wide range of analytical capabilities and we really do know how to use them. We can offer you a laboratory that is fully equipped both from a spectroscopic as well as a chromatographic basis. Our staff has decades of experience to draw on to help you solve your most vexing problems.

Need stability testing? We can offer both ICH-compliant as well as accelerated stability testing. Our novel approach includes using inexpensive analytical techniques where possible to monitor the stability of your product, and using acceleration techniques to shorten the testing time required. This means a faster, cheaper stability test for you. 

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    We have a validated method for cannabidiol in blood and plasma!

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