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Water sourcing

Have a water sample but don't know the source? Need to determine if it is city water, groundwater or another source of water? We can help! We have special analytical methods and data analysis techniques that allow us to help you determine the source of that water that suddenly starts flowing.


Environmental Analytical Services

We specialize in remediation and delineation services, primarily for the oil and gas and refined petroleum products industries, as well as waste characterization.


Semivolatile organics by USEPA method 8270, including

  •             Phenols

  •             Polynuclear aromatics (PAH)

  •             Pesticides/PCBs

  •             TCLP and SPLP semivolatiles

  •            RoHS semivolatiles, flame retardants and phthalates


Volatile organics by USEPA method 8260, including

  •             BTEX/MTBE

  •             Oxygenates

  •             THM

  •             Chlorinated solvents

  •             TCLP and SPLP volatiles

  •            RoHS solvents


Elemental analysis by USEPA method 6010, including

  •             RCRA 8 metals

  •             TCLP metals

  •             RCRA 11 metals

  •             RoHS metals

  •            Non-metal elements (B, Si, S, P, C, etc)


Petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) by TX-1005, including

  •             n-C6 to n-C12 hydrocarbons

  •             n-C12 to n-C28 hydrocarbons

  •             n-C28 to n-C36 hydrocarbons

  •             Gasoline range organics (GRO)

  •            Diesel range organics (DRO)


Various classical chemistry and physical tests, including

  •             pH

  •             Conductance

  •             Chloride

  •             Reactivity, Ignitability and Corrosivity (RCI)

  •             Solids: suspended, dissolved and total

  •             Anions, both by ion chromatography and

  •             colorimetric/titrimetric methods

  •            Geophysical parameters

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