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Quality Control analyses:

Routine analyses include:

Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli by PCR

Multi-residue analysis for pesticides

Aflatoxins and mycotoxins

Synthetic food colors by HPLC or UV/TLC

Elemental analysis (metals)

Residual solvents

Vitamin analysis

Stability testing

Nutritional labeling

Food Testing/FDA DWPE detention

Krause Analytical provides support analytical services in raw fruits and vegetables as well as meats, preserved and processed foods and grains. From multiresidue pesticide screening to full compliance reporting for the FDA detention without physical examination (DWPE) program we can help provide you with the sampling and analytical support services that you require.


FDA Detention without Physical Examination (DWPE)


We are among the industry leaders in DWPE analysis for organic contaminants in import detention. We work with your import broker, storage facility and the FDA to ensure that you get your product sampled, analyzed and released in the most timely and cost-effective means possible. We have worked with clients to analyze and release a wide range of products, including:

  •             Fruits and vegetables detained for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

  •             Frozen and canned goods for pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

  •             Spices and other dried products detained for pesticides

  •             Herbals and natural supplements detained for pharmaceuticals

  •             Meats and seafood for veterinary residues and antibiotics

  •             Honey for nitrofurans and antibiotics

  •             Juices and rice for trace level arsenic (speciation)

  •             Cookware and decorative earthenware for lead



Multiresidue pesticide screening         


We use GC-MS and LC-MS analytical techniques to screen for multi-class pesticide residues in fresh and preserved produce. Our screens include classical organochlorine, organophosphorus and organonitrogen pesticides as well as newer classes of pesticides and thermally labile pesticides including carbamates, pyrethrins and synthetic pyrethroids, neonicotinoids, oxyacid herbicides, spinosads, methoxyacrylates and other compounds of great interest to FDA. Our screening techniques closely mimic those used by FDA in their inspection of fruits and vegetables in order to provide you with a greater level of security that your produce is clean and ready for market.


Veterinary Residues


We use both GC-MS(n) and LC-MS/MS to test for veterinary residues in meat, poultry and fish. We offer a wide range of testing capabilities, from routine antibiotics testing to specialized hormone and metabolite analyses. Please contact us for further information.




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