Litigation and Legal Support

We provide a wide range of litigation support services, from specialized analytical testing all the way through full expert witness testimony. We can help you design and implement a testing program specifically tailored to your case. We can provide analytical data review, chemistry consulting, court defensible data and expert witness services. Please contact us to discuss your specific case and support needs.


  • Expert witness

  • Court defensible testing

  • Consulting chemistry

  • Data review and validation 

  • Laboratory audits

  • Drug testing identification and verification

Some examples of cases we have worked on:

Pipeline spills/blowouts affecting landowners

Salt and saltwater infiltration and groundwater contamination

Hydrocarbon typing and source determination

Improper food and nutraceutical labeling

Food and nutraceutical adulteration

Improper generic drug manufacturing/labeling

Personal injury related to product liability

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